October 30-Day Challenge Update

By JP Chartier

So, here I am two weeks into this “No Alcohol” challenge. I must ask myself, “What the hell was i thinking!?! This has got to be the dumbest challenge ever!” Week one went ok, pretty painless, then week two reared its ugly head!

I’ve had to indear an alcohol-free concert and just yesterday, the toughest day yet for me, an alcohol-free Bucs game. If ever there was a need to get drunk it was yesterday at the Bucs game! I had to sit there and watch the Succanears get their asses handed to them yet again – and this time I had to do it sober, not a good idea.

But I did it! I sat through the whole game, with Eagles fans cheering drunkingly all about me, alcohol-free! And I will somehow or another get through the rest of this month without a drop, and then…

…And then I will never be so stupid again.

I hope your Challenge is going well!


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