30 Day Challenge

By JP Chartier

Are you at a stage in your life where you feel you’re stuck in a rut? If you answered yes, then it’s time you took The 30 Day Challenge. It turns out that 30 days is just the right amount of time to form a new habit, or to lose an old one.

The idea isn’t difficult at all, just add something new to your life for 30 days, something you’ve always wanted to try. And after the 30 days it’s up to you if you want to continue with it, if not – then stop. Simple as that.

So are you up for it? I am and I hope you are too.

If you do decide to try this challenge, one of the things you’ll notice is that instead of the month flying by in a forgotten blur, time will go by much more memorable, and you’ll also notice your self confidence growing.

If you really want something bad enough, you can give it 30 days can’t you? Sure you can! Just remember to start off small, because small sustainable changes are more likely to stick.

The next 30 days are going to pass you by regardless, like it or not, so why not think about something you’ve always wanted to try and do it for the next 30 days.

I’ll begin the next 30 Day Challenge on October 1st.

Are you in?


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